Gift guide guidelines

I’m so excited it’s finally december. I know Christmas is going to be a lot different for everybody hopefully so that way we can stay safe and I wanted to still do a gift guide this year with a little twist. all next week from Monday through Friday there will be five good guides period one each day with a different theme. What are the themes you are asking well I guess I can tell you.

On Monday will be the top rated toys list. This would include different toys under $25 and above $25.

Tuesday will be the elf and Ulta gift guide which is to my favorite stories and I wanted include both of them that way you had a budget-friendly one and a little bit pricey or option.

Wednesday will be for our pets more specifically cats and dogs all the stuff is from chewy and it features a ride range of budgets

Thursday will be gamers and tech which will be all from Best buy

and Friday to round it all off will be the quarantine gift guide which I’m super excited about period cuz we all are in quarantine and we’re all staying safe so I wanted to do a different gift guide of stuff to give a loved one and quarantine.

Associated for next week and I hope you guys enjoyed all the gift guides let me know in the comments down below is there anything you want to see for the blog.

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