Dog and Cat Gift Guide

I have a dog and a cat and they take up a lot of my time and a lot of my bank account. I love buying them gifts and treats throughout the year! So I decided have you to include a furry friends gift guide. This is for dog and cats cuz it’s on my specialty so let’s go ahead and get started shall we.

First up I always recommended these goody holiday boxes this one is for the dogs. There is three of them and they are in the range of $27 to $25. They all come with toys a treat something to wear in a special gift. I highly recommend these cause it’s a box with a whole bunch of stuff in it and you don’t have to pick out anything and sort stuff together.

Next up is it fresco holiday hot cocoa hide and seek plush toy it’s on such a really cute toy it is a squeaky toy and it is $13. my favorite thing about it is it’s a puzzle toy period it challenge your pup’s mind to keep them active and beat the board of . It comes these little marshmallows to use to fit into the they have to go find and then fit into the mug. I absolutely love it it is so cute and I think it’s great for any dog.

Next up is the Lamb chop dog toy my dad has love Lamb chop and so when I saw this I had to include it. It is only $5. And it’s just a small cute toy that is absolutely adorable. It looks just like the real deal it’s perfect for all your pups that love a plush toy. and after all the fun is done the toy makes it great snuggly buddy. It’s a great stocking stuffer also if you do stockings for your pets but I just I couldn’t say no to not putting this on the list.

next up is the same thing I always recommend to people. This is the Kong puppy dog toy period And I have a whole bunch of different colors and sizes. Basically it’s this rubber thing that you put peanut butter or treats in and it’s supposed to keep your dog very busy and active cuz they have to get it out or cleaned up and stuff like that. They’re very affordable and I highly recommend them. We have one for our dog and it keeps her active and it keeps her focus on something for a long time period she left to chase it around and having to hold it to get the tree and peanut butter out it works on their motor skills and I love it.

Now we move on to the cats. My cat has had a really tough year he had multiple surgeries and they didn’t think I was going to make it and a lot happened within 2 weeks period so I’m definitely treating him a little bit extra this year. The first thing is the goodie holiday box for cats. There was only one of them it is $27. And it comes with a fresco holiday mouse cat toy with catnip, a fresco peekaboo cat shoot cat toy and it’s in Buffalo plaid, a plush reindeer kicker toy, and the friskers party mixed natural games and real chicken treats. it also comes with the herds delectable squeeze up cat lickable cat treats which I’ve never heard of before it’s a four pack. And then a tuna and salmon recipe grain free cat treats. So you’re getting a lot of stuff for $27. You get five toys in a bunch of different treats. like I said I highly recommend these boxes because they’ve just already set up and you get a lot of different varieties of things and them.

Next up is my go-to thing that I’m always buying from chewy because it’s such a good price it is a 16-oz tub of their temptations treats. so many treats in there and last me a long time but specifically the holiday dinner turkey and sweet potato flavor this year. It was only $8 and that’s an amazing price for all you get in it and I love the holiday flavors that they come out with every year. This is a no-brainer this is a cat’s favorite treats it’s amazing

Next up is this Frisco’s and tritonal variety pack with a shit ton of cat toys. And catnip!!! it is a 20 piece set and it comes with a whole bunch of little toys and catnip and then this three-way tunnel. For only $19.this is also a no-brainer because it comes with so much toys and wands and catnip and then the tunnel . and I like that the toys are all different stuff so you’re not getting all the same toy you’re getting different varieties of stuff.

Another Frisco toy is the plush frosted pastry cat toy with catnip in it. It’s just a Pop-Tart toy. It is so cute and it’s only $5 and right now they’re having a buy three get one free on the frisco toys so you can get four toys for only $15 this included. It’s just a cute toy and I’m always looking for different toys for my cat. It also makes a really good stocking stuffer if you do animal stockings.

the next thing is something that I am definitely considering for my cat and is the last thing on our list. It is once again a Frisco item and it is their cactus cats scratching post period my cat is always scratching and everything and I keep buying him different things to scratch but I think he just needs a post. I live in an apartment so I can’t have a giant one but I want a good size one for him and this one is a 22-in for only $18. They also have a 31 in for $38 which also is not a bad price. it has a little ball attached it’s all green and it’s just super cute period and for that price it’s really good.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pet friendly gift guide of 2020. stay tuned tomorrow for a special edition gift guide it is the quarantine edition. let me know the comments down below do you have any pets what are their names what are they I’m obsessed with all pets and I just need to know.

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