Gamers and Tech Gift Guide 2020

As a fellow techie and gamer I’m always looking for new games consoles and different products to use so I had to include a tech gift guide/gamer this year. All the stuff I will be featuring are from Best buy they are on the price your side but I wanted a universal site that I know has access to everybody.I will also be featuring some games consoles and some computer stuff too So let’s get started

First up is just a Nintendo switch a Nintendo switch lite. this is still a really hot item and something I still want and right now I’m Best buy there if you could bundles for the animal crossing and the Mario kart 8 deluxe for only $300. Which isn’t bad that you get the Nintendo switch and the game with it. and then I’m also including the Nintendo switch lite because that’s what I personally want and it is only $200. And it comes in a few different colors that I really like the yellow is my personal favorite.

I have the Google home mini and I am obsessed with’s only $30 right now on Best buy and I love it. I use it for a lot especially I’m working. I used to play music send reminders to call people. It can do a whole bunch of stuff when it’s linked to your Google assistant. I also have it hooked up to my phone and my Roku TV so while I have to do is ask Google to change the Netflix show and to find my phone. I do recommend the Google one but also the Alexa is also a good option too I just personally don’t have it so I can’t say much about it.

When you think of top name keywords analysis usually razor comes to mind and some of them are more expensive brands. But all y’all are sleeping on Logitech. They have some amazing products for such great prices. And they have a ride range of stuff to please your budget.same for their keyboards. They some really beautiful keyboards and also simple keyboards and a ride range of budgets. I am obsessed with the Logitech g pro mechanic wired gaming keyboard. Is a clicky switch keyboard and it’s only $120. another one that I have that I’m obsessed with is a Logitech k40 plus wireless keyboard it is $20 and it has a trackpad on it and I love it.

The next thing is something I recommend to anybody. It’s is a ring doorbell. I have always had great things about it and right now they’re on sale for $169 at Best buy and then they have the different versions of it for cheaper. I just recommend it because you never know especially if you get packages delivered all the time and you just want to have a peace of mind if who’s coming to your door who’s around your door. Even if you live in an apartment they have door mounts that does not ruin your door in as a partner safe so you can still have the ring doorbell without the wiring and drilling and permanent damage. if you’re feeling unsafe or you live alone or you just want more security I highly recommend the rings doorbell they have different versions for different prices and different package deals I just recommend take a look at it.

The last for the techie stuff is wireless earphones. There’s so many from airpods to Samsung’s to really expensive ones but my favorite ones that I’ve had is only $25 and is a Skullcandy wireless earphones. They come in cute colors they last long they have to touch sensitive to change songs turn up volume turn down volume stuff like that period at $25 they work amazing and I love them. Wireless earbuds are so expensive and for the fact that people just lose them I recommend these if you want wireless earphones that are truly amazing and won’t break your bank. Plus the light blue is my favorite color of it.

No I’ll show you something few games that are highly anticipated this year period the first one is the cyberpunk 2077. I’ve heard people now stop talking about it I don’t know much about it but people haven’t wanting it. Right now it’s still in presale as of me writing this. It is for the Xbox one, Xbox series xs it is also for the PlayStation 4 and 5. Is also available on pc. the game is rated and for mature and they recommend 17 and up obviously. But it’s a video game to each its own basically from what I’m understanding the game is an action role playing video game it is story driven but it also said it had an open world. It’s an action venture story set in night City a metoprolol obsessed with power glamor and body modifications. You play as v a necessary outlaw going after one of a kind and planned that is the key to immortality. so there’s a lot of customizations you can do I like the idea of it. there’s not much details surrounding the actual gameplay from what I seen videos right about I’m actually really excited about it and kind of want the game. It comes out December 10th anf its $60 which is typically standard pricing for new games now period And I really recommend this period especially if you like the open world storyline games. The graphics looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for it.

This next game it’s probably the keys game I’ve ever seen. It is Fall guys ultimate knockout. It came out in February but it’s been really popular lately. Is a platform Battle Royal game with these cute little characters and they fall off it is the cutest thing ever I just for PlayStation 4 and on computers. and it is such the cutest game ever that I love it. The reviews are amazing the graphics are absolutely adorable and I love it and it is a challenging game and I love games like I said it is Battle Royal meaning you play with other people you can play with your friends or random strangers and such a good game.

Obviously this goes without saying the top two games that I’ve been hearing a lot is Mario card ate deluxe and animal crossing. I talked about them in the bundles at the top of this but they’re both really popular games still that can always be bought as a gift I’ve been obsessed with animal crossing and water cart my whole life their games that I loved and played almost all of them. Besides the new animal crossing cuz I don’t have a switch. And I recommend the series to anybody.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tech game gift guide of 2020. look out for tomorrow’s post which will be for your furry friends in your life period let me know in the comments down below are you a tech person or gamer period if so do you have a favorite game or a tech product that you are obsessed with?

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