Quarantine Gift Guide 2020

I don’t know about you but we’re in quarantine. I don’t care what anybody says we all should be and stay in quarantine just saying. so I decided to put together a gift guide for us people who actually listen and stay in quarantine or stuck at home. but in general these are stuff you can enjoy too. Also I just want to say a quick thank you to first responders nurses doctors and anybody who is working during a pandemic period it’s hard on anybody but especially now so thank you guys so much for everything and that includes everyone working. Not just a fancy workers. So let’s go ahead and get started guys.

the first one is a no-brainer we all have different subscriptions to different streaming services so why not give that person a gift card or pay for a month or so. nowadays there’s so many between Apple TV Netflix Hulu Disney plus and so much more it’s just a no-brainer to get them something like this there’s a bunch of different streaming service you can pick from different prices whatever fits their fancy. I know I wouldn’t mind somebody paying for my Netflix and Disney plus this is a great gift period plus it keeps you from being bored and you can watch all your favorite shows and movies like I’ve been doing a lot.

Next up is also a good one period this could be for the people who are high risk and really can’t go to grocery stores or just people who are getting bored of the same meals. Does a lot of different meal kits out there like hellofresh to home chef. So why not get somebody you love one. I’ve had more experience with hellofresh but I also heard really good things from home chef too. basically their kids that come with everything you need to make a meal and the right portion size so there’s no waste or anything like that. They’re really easy to follow super easy instructions and a lot of different choices from like vegan to vegetarian to gluten free and whole bunch of different stuff like that. You can pick the different things you do and I’ve done hellofresh once and I really liked it but I think this is a great gift because like I said I get tired of being the same thing so it’s fun to spice it up a little bit but I also hate shopping at the grocery store.

Next up is something I’m really wanting. It’s a weighted blanket. I really bad anxiety especially now with quarantine the pandemic it’s only gotten worse and I love to be weighted down with the blanket when I’m especially very anxious I’ve always wanted a way to blanket. Even if you’re not a really anxious person it is just amazing to feel bundled up with a weighted blanket. but also that I’m tagging along into this you can also just get normal blankets and pillows because we don’t want to be comfy during quarantine. So my favorite place is to get it from is bed bath beyond and Target they have a really good quality blankets and pillows if that won’t break your bank as much as some other places.

Next up is something that I think we all could use. I love a good hoodie they make me feel so comfy and snuggled up. I expect to look guy hoodies because of it it’s just much better and I like oversized stuff on me. It’s a good gift for any quarantine friend or buddy is a hoodie. there’s so many different types of different sizes different colors different looks I recommend the ones from Target cause it’s a good arrange variety of them especially for girls and guys and price isn’t too bad either.

the next thing is more of a generalizing and it is hobby stuff. I don’t know about you but I picked up a lot of different hobbies since being in quarantine. and I’m sure you know someone you like that has to period whether it be painting a craft project or something completely different like singing riding drawing. Maybe they play a sport now. Obsessed with a new game period possibilities are endless for the hobby can be and I am sure you can find something to help feel their hobby and quantity. I will link a few sites for craft sports and general Walmart’s always a good place to look to. I know for me I’ve picked up the love escaping. I have not roller skated since I was 10 so it’s been about 13 years and I ended up buying a parenting started and now I’m back as if I never took a break from it. A hobby is really good exercise quarantine it keeps your mind off of everything. And for me roller skating has gotten me outside safely and so I’m not stuck inside all day.

I don’t know about you but I love reading. Especially in quarantine we’ve all had a lot of time in our hands. I know for me finding the right book is hard but only that books can be expensive. So I found two subscription service that I think you guys would be interested in. The first one is book of the month. the size used once and I’ve actually gifted it to my sister because she’s obsessed with reading and she absolutely loved it. basically what you do is you choose from five best new reads every month and you get it delivered. so they do say pick five that they think you would like and have the five you pick the one to read for that month. And I think it’s a great way to get new books to read but also just a fun little surprise every month. the next one I found a research and some good monthly subscription book boxes. And this one caught my eye. It’s called a book ship and it is $45 every 3 months so kind of like the fabfitfun box and it’s for adult readers of the young adult fictions. the thing is to provide the ultimate reading experience will you read and relax with a highly anticipated new release of a young adult novel plus you also get bookworm pleasing merch including everything from original artwork to pampering products to home decor and mood setting custom playlists that you listen to while reading the book. That you get all the stuff with it and I just think it was a good day for the prices not bad. I’m also going to be linking this site that I found from cratejoy.com where they linked how much of other different services for if you want to pick one of those two gifts to affiliate book reader weather in quarantine.

The last thing it’s just something I think everybody should be doing. Check in on your loved ones and Friends and maybe people even spoke to you in a while period this quarantine has been hard for a lot of people. mentally I’ve been much worse than I’ve had in a while and I think getting stuck inside and hearing the news has not helped. Maybe send a postcard or a letter maybe some flowers to someone that you haven’t got to spoken to a while and give them a call FaceTime them video chat just reach out that’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received this quarantine is having people reach out to me and just make sure we’re all okay.

I hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide of 2020 it was a little bit different obviously but it was really fun to put together. I hope everyone is handling quarantine well and I hope everybody staying safe and following guidelines it’s stupid to see how people react and how they think they’re mean to it. My sister ended up calling me today as of writing this and she tested positive today cuz somebody at her job ended up getting it and not saying it and that hurt me period that someone’s so selfish can do that to someone. So she is quarantining before two weeks that makes things giving husband postponed for us cause I was going to go over to her which is fine safety is more important. Let me know in the comments down below how are you handling quarantine is there any new hobbies you picked up.

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