Hii. I know the last post a little depressing but so am! Today I wanted to a Q&A because we havent done one in awhie so lets do this! 1) How is school going?

Well… Im still in it and been doing a lot of work but I think I want to pursue a different major. I’m thinking of getting my bachelors degree is psychology. Which is way different then what I wanted to do but Ive been thinking about it for awhile and want to maybe thinking about needing therapist of sorts. I never had anyone that understood what I was going through so I want to be that someone that can help someone like me who had noone and didnt know what to do. I havent told anyone yet but Its not like they cared anyways. 2) What inspires you to keep going?

I could say the petty answer which would be because Im not letting my dead mom win thus round. But also me. Everything I do is for me and to prove to me I can do this. Im done doing shit to please other people that isnt with my time! 3) Hows the love life?

I dont know. Next question.4) Fav song at the moment?

Ashnikko new mix tape!! Its so good I have loved all her music and shes amazing!

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