App Review Mood Tracker

love finding new apps to try out especially ones that would help me with life. This will be a new series where I review different apps and let you know how I like them. This will be my opinion so you may love it and I may not so keep that in mind!

Todays App is called Mood potato. It Has 4.1 stars and 100+k downloads.

What is it? It is a mood tracker and diary.

What features does it have? From what I gather it has a mood tracking system and a mindful journal with it. They do plan more features from what Ive been reading.

How Long have you used it? I tested it for a month.

Summary notes- It has potential but still needs work. I like the look of it and the simplicity of it and works great if you want a simple mood tracker.  It has a really simple so if you want a mood tracker where you dont need to go into details this is the one for you. You can also customize some of the things to where it fits you.

My ratings-
Mood tracker –

Ending notes-
For me its a okay app. I need a more detail mood tracker and have used others that fit my need more. I think is app definitely has potential with all the stuff it has planned but like I said for me its a no. I you want a simple mood tacker with potatoes the this is the one for you!

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