Colourpop unboxing

I’ve always loved makeup. But I only shop what I can find at my local Walgreens or walmart. I’ve always heard good things about colourpop’s makeup and decided to give it a try. So today I’m going to unbox and talk about what I got.

It’s not all this was for me actually I bought the whole sailor Moon collection which was $94 and right now it’s on sale for $73 and I only kept one thing and I gave the rest to my little sister emily. She’s always love to stay the moon and plus she’s not starting to get into makeup so I thought this was a good gift. when it comes with is a eyeshadow palette two blush pressed powders two body glitters and four lip glosses. I kept one of the body glitters because they were absolutely gorgeous and I gave the rest to her.from first glance first look the colors are actually beautiful the lip glosses I really classy but they’re not too sticky. The colors are gorgeous in the eyeshadow palette and just testing it they look pretty pigmented. And the packaging is adorable. On every little detail it has this 3d effect on the blushes in the eyeshadow palette I love it so much.

The next thing I had to get it was the mandalorian baby Yoda aka the child eyeshadow palette. I wanted to get eyeshadow palettes don’t wear my same neutral and pink colors I wanted to expand my collection a little bit and try new looks. And this baby yoda one is amazing. It has greens and browns with some math and shimmer and they are gorgeous. First glance I love the packaging if only $16 you get nine shades and they’re all gorgeous.

The next and last thing I got was another eyeshadow palette. this one is the stone cold Fox one. I ended up seeing an ad about the saw shadow palette I thought I was absolutely gorgeous and I wanted more grays and black colors to work with. they are really pigmented and again the packaging is pretty neutral but I love it.I’m excited to try out this palette and make like smokey eyes with it because that is something I’ve been wanting to learn.

That is it for the inboxing of what I got from colourpop there will be a review on everything soon probably won’t be till April from being really honest. let me know the comments down below there’s any other makeup you want me to buy to unbox and review.

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