Get to know me

Hiii!! It’s been a while since I’ve done I get to know me it’s also been a while since I posted on this blog regularly so I decided to do The Best of both worlds and do a little bit of a get to know me tag attention to just myself because I certainly change since I first started blog almost 4 years ago. So let’s get started.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I thought about this question a lot and I never really come up with an answer. I would want to live somewhere nice where I’m happy and just living life wherever that is then I’m fine with. I don’t think of a certain place I want to be because I don’t know where life’s going to take me.

What really makes you angry?

Not being listened to. it’s been my whole life where I’ve said things multiple times and I still didn’t call out for not saying it even though it’s been said or in a fight I will say everything I’m feeling and then they’ll come back and say but you don’t tell me how you feel or it’s just frustrating. I hate being not listen to and I hate when people will listen to me but take those words and use it against me.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Being alive. It’s cliche but like also I didn’t know how my life would be and I’ve never thought about the future because I’ve been so stuck in the past but not only that in the present I can’t think a few days in advance I have to take everything one day at a time that’s all I can handle with my anxiety and so the idea of being alive for even a year is crazy to think of because I can barely could do the day sometimes so I take everything I do whether it be showering or even eating a full meal as an accomplishment in my life because I have to. it’s sometimes good to just breathe and take it little by little for the fact that you got out of bed or you smile should be a proud accomplishment and I’m proud of everybody.

What did you want to be when you were small?

I always love this question because I don’t know what I was thinking as a child. I always wanted to be a lawyer and not for the reason people think I thought they made a lot of money and that it was like a really respected job like don’t get me wrong I think Laura is an amazing and they go through a lot of shit and deserve every accomplishment they have but I could not be a lawyer and then I wanted to be a chef but then I had to become a chef in my own home because no one else wanted to cook dinner so if I wanted to be fed I needed to learn how to cook and it became more of a job that I hated and now I hate cooking even though I love it still but I don’t know I don’t want to be a chef and then I wanted to be a teacher and I still do it might be still in the cards for me cause I absolutely love it I homeschooled my little sister I’m going to help my niece with school a lot and I love teaching and so it might be something I do down the road who knows but also now I’m thinking about doing something with psychology just because I’ve been treated like s*** from doctors because of my mental health and the world has changed a lot regarding mental health and we need to start coming up with new ways to trade it anyways to talk about it because the old methods don’t work anymore this is a new era of mental illness for everyone’s dealing with and every mental and this big or small needs to be taken seriously in this world.

How many pillows do you sleep with?

Way too many. between stuffed animal pillows and blankets there was no room on this bed for literally me but I actually love it.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep (and why?

I’ve gone 48 hours with no sleep. I can’t sleep sometimes but I’m also responsible for doing a lot during the day so sometimes I just have to go without sleep until like half time. Or sometimes I won’t be able to close my eyes till it’s very late and I have to make the choice to be super cranky in the morning when I wake up or just stay up and try to work through it. It sucks but that’s just how my life has to go with everything going on. but I know doctors nurses and even just teachers and everybody deals with that so I know it’s not it only me situation and it sucks but I know it’s just what people have to do sometimes.

What’s the tallest building you’ve been to the top in?

It was last year right before lockdown started I went with my dad to go get his license renewed so that way we can go do some errands after and I knew it was a no tall building downtown but I thought it was all like the third or even the 5th floor we went to the fucking14th floor we saw above the roller coasters at Busch gardens it was insane and the windows were huge and they were all around and I was like I can’t do this and the elevator was hella sketchy that we went up I hated it but it was actually really pretty view of the clouds and everything but I still hated it

Are you a clean or messy person?

I am the cleanest messiest person ever. like I can be very clean but also I can have such an organized mess that it’s clean to me and organized to me but someone else can look at it and be so confused actually when I take notes or I’m writing a draft for an essay like it’s not the normal way people do it and I give you fun for it all the time but it’s how my brain works things out and it’s how my dyslexia like lets me read and take notes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this get to know me let me know in the comments down below with some fun facts about you guys. I know I said I’m full-time back here but I’m doing it slowly because I am still going through a lot for example a breakup and it’s been really tough but I’m going to get through it and I’m going to keep writing and I have exciting things coming up so stay tuned

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