Behind the Scenes Tag

What do you use to write your post?

I will either use my notebook that will have a summery of what I wanted to write or I will have a rough draft on my computer using one note or ever note. Or I will start fresh on WordPress and see where that goes.

How far along to you plan your post?

It depends. I usually like to have a month planned but sometimes that cant happened so I try to have a idea of what will be posted this month and try to have a week planned and go from there. But there Is sometimes I will have 2 months done or ties where I am working day by day.

How do you come up with ideas?

I will find different things online or go though my old post and get ideas. I also have a list of post I want to do so I can pick from that or get  a idea and make it into a post.

What do you use to make your headers?

I have been using spark post for awhile and I love it. I use it to make my headers and sometimes stuff for Instagram. Its really easy to use and it fits my needs perfectly.

Any other programs or apps you use?

I also use canva for a lot of different things and I love it! I also use pixlr to edit photos. It’s a easy to use one and it does the basic thing I need to make my photos pop!

How long does it take to make and finish a post?

Most times I can have a post done within a hour but it also depends on what I’m writing. If it’s a research post it could take a while for me to look up everything, then write it, edit, and then post it. But I tag photo could take 30 minutes if I forced.

Do you have any topics that are off limits

I wouldn’t say I have off limits to talk about. But I still have a hard time talking about my mom on here and my pdst and the mentally abused I went through but it a work in progress. I’m now getting more comfortable talking about being a little and more about me so soon I will be able to talk about all of my.

Where do you do most of your writing?

I write in my room. Lately its been in my bed but I don’t go anywhere because im being safe and staying home!

How do you plan?

I use a few different things I have a planner that I will use but I also use trello to plan out a few months and the different steps for each post so I have a overall look on everything. I will also just make to do so everything and they get everywhere!

I hope you enjoyed this tag! Its really fun to do but I also love giving you guys a behind the scenes on how everything comes out! Le t me know in the comments down below Do you make a shit ton of to do lists?

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