What’s in my skin care bag

I love taking care of my skin and I love finding new products I’m absolutely love. So today I’m going to show you what I keep in my skincare bag!!

First thing is the bag that I keep myself in we’re currently trying to move and it’s been a terrible process so I currently keep everything in a bag at the moment until we get settled and move and then I’ll usually stay into my bathroom but the bag I got from five below for $4 and I like it that I can keep everything standing up in it I don’t care for what it says but I like the idea of how big it is and I can keep everything standing up.

The first thing I keep in here is my headband but I also got from five below for I think $3 it’s just a super cute one to bow on it that I use to keep all the hair out of my face so I can wash it then I also have my makeup eraser towel thing. I used to be a makeup wiper but it’s very bad day for the environment so I end up switching to the makeup eraser and I love it it feels so soft I have two of them I have a bigger one that is black and then this pink woman’s a little bit smaller that will alternate and I love them. I think this is $4 at target.

Next up is my deodorant I have very sensitive skin especially in the armpits so I have to use certain deodorants or else it’s bad and I’ve recently found that the Right guard extreme defense gel deodorant is my absolute favorite. I’m a nervous sweater so I can get smelly the deodorant is amazing it keeps me smelling good and doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s not expensive. And this is like $4 at walmart. So this is my favorite deodorant and I recommend it to anybody. Next I keep the micellar cleansing water like I said don’t use makeup wipes anymore I do love this because it does not irritate my skin but it also gets everything off even waterproof makeup and I love it. I currently have the rose water one to see how it works compared to the other one I don’t notice a difference really adjust it looks prettier. And then I do keep a rose water spray this was a gift for my grandmother and she gives it to me every Christmas and I love it. I don’t know if there’s actual any benefits to having it but it just feels really flashing on my face that I spray it especially after I just work out when I’m sweaty or I spray it all over me and my hair I just love it.

Now it’s time for the actual skin care stuff I usually just use whatever I can find that doesn’t expensive I know there’s this whole trend where we listen to this guy and tells you what not to use or what to use and I’m not saying he’s a bad guy but also had to keep in mind it could be very different in your opinion what he say not to use can actually help your skin believe it or not and what he saying to you can actually hurt your skin more it depends on who you are and how your skin reacts to everything I always say take advice from everybody with a great assault because you don’t know. So I ended up giving a try with the cerave foaming cleansing facial and I really do like it but it’s $16 and I could be kind of expensive for other people so I do have another blog post so I talk about dues for it but I’ll link down below and then I also got the one that’s the hydrating cream to foam cleanser and I got this one cuz it removes makeup so we’ll see how that works and then I end up getting the Target brand version of the daily moisturizer to put on after I cleanse my face with all these chemicals and using all these together it does work my skin does feel really refresh I know this breakouts but I do notice that my face has become more vulnerable and more easily irritated but I also have really bad allergies so I don’t know. I will use up all of this and I probably will go on to something else later just because it’s so expensive and I have cheaper alternative that do work for my skin and give me the same results.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post let me know in the comments down below is there any skin care routine that you have our favorite product?

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