Mental health week

This is something I wanted to do for a while but I wanted to wait till I was full time again so I can have the proper time to dedicate it to. I’ve always been a big advocate for mental health as I have a lot mental health problem myself. But also growing up I never had anyone there for me I was told it was made up by people who were supposed to be there for me. So this week they will be a new post every day dedicated to mental health.

Like I said each day will have its own post starting tomorrow with my story which will be talking about all my mental health problems and how I figured it out and how I’m dealing with it

Next will be some of my favorite apps that I used to help keep track of my mental health and resources.

Then we will have a go-getters guide which I haven’t done in a while and it’s kind of a light-hearted post about how to deal with your family and anxiety and mental health because it can’t be a struggle and I used humor to cope with stuff so I figured to go get his guy to be perfect.

Lastly we will round off mental health a week talking about love and mental health because that is something that people deal with daily but also opening up about it to a new partner or even just going out and dating with any mental illness can be tough so I wanted to give my sight on it.

Now this week will be dedicated two more of the mental health issues that I deal with but there’s tons out there and they’re all just as real as the next. They should all be taken seriously I just don’t feel comfortable talking about other mental health issues that I don’t have experience in but if you leave comments down below I can include some that maybe is personalized to you but just know that no matter what you deal with you’re just as real and important as anyone else. And I can’t wait to start off this amazing week of defining who we are with our mental illness.

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