I’m alive.

Hi hellos! It’s been a while. it’s been at least four or five months since I’ve had to be posted anything other than updates. So I think it’s time I do some explaining. The past few months have been kind of bad. I’ve mentally been up in lowest that I’ve been in such a long … More I’m alive.


Hi. I know it’s been a little bit and I kind of just went radio silent but I have a good reason. A lot has been going on the past 2 months some was unexpected a lot of stuff I knew was going to happen so I’m going to explain it all to you guys. … More Hii.

I need a break

Let’s be honest, I always fucking sucked at social media. It’s my job to be on social media. To post photos and updates for my life but it’s really hard to do that. It’s hard to do that even before quarantine started. I always hated To show my life because I didn’t want to get … More I need a break

Hi Hello

So I kind of disappeared for a little bit. I don’t know what to say. But I want to kind of give you an inside that’s what has been happening. So let’s get started. So like I said multiple times with everything going on my mental stability has gone down. I am mentally not okay. … More Hi Hello