I’m alive.

Hi hellos! It’s been a while. it’s been at least four or five months since I’ve had to be posted anything other than updates. So I think it’s time I do some explaining. The past few months have been kind of bad. I’ve mentally been up in lowest that I’ve been in such a long … More I’m alive.

Life Update

I haven’t been doing the best. A lot has happened in January and I’m surprised I’m alive at this point. So here’s a little inside exclusive on what’s been Happening. So as I started for years the apartment I’m in now fucking sucks. It’s the worst, so, we have been trying to move but that … More Life Update


Hi. I know it’s been a little bit and I kind of just went radio silent but I have a good reason. A lot has been going on the past 2 months some was unexpected a lot of stuff I knew was going to happen so I’m going to explain it all to you guys. … More Hii.

My letter to you.

Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it). I’m thankful for a lot of things but mostly this blog and you! I wouldn’t have a place to vent my feelings and be honest if it wasn’t for you. I know a lot of people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I’m always thankful for everything you guys do. I … More My letter to you.