A Fun Thankful Tag!

Thanksgiving is almost here. So to prepare ourselves I decided to do Thanksgiving week. Every day leading up to Thanksgiving and the Friday after I will be posting a thanksgiving-related post. Ending with how many Thanksgiving was on that Friday. The day I decided to do a fun thankful tag Let's get started. 1. Name … Continue reading A Fun Thankful Tag!

Thanksgiving Tag

Thanksgiving is literally a day away. So today I decided to do a Thanksgiving tag. So let's just get started! 1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? My grandmother's homemade mashed potatoes!!! They are the best and she always makes a lot so I have a ton of leftovers for days! 2. What is … Continue reading Thanksgiving Tag

Autumn Tag

I can't believe fall asleep already. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it leads up to one of my favorite holidays. My birthday! But also Thanksgiving and Halloween. So today I decided to do the Autumn tag. Let's get started. 1. The smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves? I love the scent … Continue reading Autumn Tag

30 Spooky Questions Part 1 👻

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN!! Spooky season is upon us. This year I decided to do a whole week of spooky blog post leading up to Halloween. So starting to laugh we're going to do 30 spooky questions part 1. So let's get started. Favorite horror or Halloween song? The Monster … Continue reading 30 Spooky Questions Part 1 👻