What is The Chat?

When people think of the chat you most likely think of sex. When I think of it I think of a place where we can all rant and share everything that happened that month, a group of people where we all can share feelings and not have anyone judge. Instead of my monthly breakdowns at … More What is The Chat?

June Breakdown

It’s crazy how crazy June was for me. A lot has happened, a lot has changed in my life, and I’m so excited to tell you guys all about it. I guess the big staying would be I’m not single anymore. I talked about this before how I wasn’t focused I’m finding anybody after the … More June Breakdown

Breakdown of 2018!

Just like 2018 is over!!! That’s crazy to think about! 2018 was filled with crying, laughter, sadness, and happiness. Today let’s break down everything that happened in 2018! Jan- I was on break for a little bit of January. The blog was still called Ally+Kat. Gave it a new look. Feb- Started getting my confidence. … More Breakdown of 2018!