Happy thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! I hope you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving and if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have a amazing day! I just wanted to let you guys know one of the things I’m thankful for this year is you guys! I didn’t think going into this I would meet such amazing people online through my blog. You guys are just amazing and you guys have helped me through some dark times in my life. And I don’t like I can never repay you guys. You guys have grown my blog to what it is today and I never saw in a million years I would have my blog and have you guys be a part of it. So thank you guys so much I’m so thankful for you guys and I will try my best to repay you guys as best I can.

I heart fall tag!

Happy Monday guys!! Today is the first of October which makes fall time! And only 8 days to my birthday! So for today’s post we’re doing the fall tag so let’s get started.
1. Favorite Fall scent.

I love flannel scents and woodsy scents!
2. Best way to spend a rainy day.

Playing in it! I would mostly read a book or watch something on Netflix. Even though I should be getting work done.
3. Favorite Fall Drink.

Mint hot chocolate!
4. Football, yay or nay?

Hell no it’s hockey time!
5. Favorite article of clothing this Fall.

Black leggings and flannel!! Or a oversize sweater!!
6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Hay ride! I love going on hay rides but a haunted one would be so cool! I love anything haunted! Plus when I tried it corn mazes because I’m 6’1 I can usually see over the corn.
7. The scariest movie you’ve ever seen…

I really love the original Friday the 13th movies or Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween I wouldn’t say they’re really scary but they’re one of my favorite movies to watch on Halloween.
8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?

All the candy! I really love The Three Musketeers Bar or Reese’s. But I will never complain about candy!
9. What will you or your kids be this year?

I don’t know yet. I wait to see what my cousin is doing because I take her trick or treating every year and I like to play off what she’s doing.
10. Favorite fall recipe.

Make I make a really good pumpkin bread and it’s so good. Or my older sister makes a pumpkin spice pancake so good. But I will make dessert empanadas with guava and a pumpkin pie filling it is so good and I only do it for the fall time.
11. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?

Just overall the atmosphere of it being fall. Because it’s around Thanksgiving time and then Halloween and Christmas and stuff like that it just it’s a fun time to be with your family and the weather is amazing and it’s just calming time.
12. Who else would you like to see complete the I Heart Fall tag?

You guys!! Let me know in the comments if you did the tag I want to read them!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post let me know the comments down below did you do the tag? and what are you doing for Halloween? As always thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

Xoxo Allie💋

August Breakdown

I don’t think I can put it into words how shitty my August was. So let’s attempt to.

My August started out okay. I really didn’t do much the first week of August I was recovering from being sick I had the flu and then on the 10th of August is when the shitstorm of August happened. I ended up getting a call at 1 p.m. that my Apollo I was getting rushed to the hospital we didn’t know much my amp speaking on the phone and so I got my dad and we went straight to the hospital. And it just felt like when it all was happening with my mother when she died and then we got the news that she died. It’s one of those things that you knew was going to happen she was sick she was old but when it does happen you just are taking back and time to just stopped. So I ended up taking a few weeks off to recover from that and in those few weeks, the stress and anxiety and depression was making me sick. I was mentally and physically just exhausted and kind of was that like a standstill

I didn’t know what to do. And that’s how it was for all of August I was just exhausted I couldn’t get the motivation to do anything but it was stressing me out that I was getting nothing done as an endless cycle of it and I know I needed time to focus on myself but it was hard to do that when all I want to do is be there for my family especially my dad. Some news to say August was hard for me and my family. As for the blog in August I didn’t blog at all. I tried here in there but like I said I just didn’t have any motivation I just couldn’t get anything done.

And that was basically it for my August I’m sorry was kind of a downer but I am back I am feeling better while I’m getting better.  I just want to say thank you guys for everything I love you guys so much and some of your messages on Twitter and Instagram have been amazing so thank you. And I hope to get back to blogging my normal schedule soon. Till the next post, Bye! 💋

Xoxo Allie😘

Outfit of the week!

I love playing dress up! Any chance I get i’ll put on a dress and some heels for fun! So for todays outfit of the week I’m doing a low key dressy outfit. If that makes sense. So let’s get started!!!

I never really know what to do with my hair! I have like 4 hairstyles and that’s it so I kinda just went with a leaving my hair down and I brushed it look! But a half up half down would look cute too! Then for my makeup I went with a natural look. I did a 2 tone brown for the eyeshadow, then some mascara. Then for the face I just did a little bronzer and of course I did my eyebrows! Now onto the outfit!


I know I have shown this dress before but I had to add a fall twist to it! I got this pink dress from forever 21 and I love it! It’s mid-length, pastel pink with three snaps at the top that little added detail. It has a little Flair type look to it and it really shows off my curves! Then I got this pastel purple cashmere sweater at Target last year and supposed to be an oversized look to it which I love about it. It’s super comfy and it keeps me warm. I thought I would be the perfect thing to add to this fall inspired look. For the shoes but more fall than boots! So I gave you 2 options for the boots. If you like high heels then you can go with a heel Brown boot like I have here. And I got these at Sears last year for Christmas. Then for the other non heel version I have these black very fluffy comfy boots that we’re given to me by my grandmother and she got them at JCPenney’s. Both of these are super cute and add a little fall to this look!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit of the week!! I always have fun doing these because I get to dress up! Let me know in the comments down below, what is a staple in your fall wardrobe?? As always I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next post!