Go Getters Guide to being Lazy

Happy Friday or now Saturday! (sorry I couldn't get this up by Friday!) Today is his last day of lazy week and so for the final blog post I decided to do a go getters guide to how I do lazy! So let's get started! Rule #1- The perfect outfit is key! You need the … Continue reading Go Getters Guide to being Lazy

Lazy day LookBook!

Happy lazy week everyone! I had a hard time thinking about what I was going to do for this post. But then it hit me what is something really good at that you definitely need for a lazy day.? The perfect outfit! So today I am showing you some of my favorite lazy day outfits … Continue reading Lazy day LookBook!

Let’s be lazy!

I love being lazy. Who doesn't! But there are times ( like all the time) where I can't be lazy I don't have time. I'm always busy and never get any me days. But this week I am dedicating my blog to being lazy. All the post this week has something to do with being … Continue reading Let’s be lazy!