LookBook- Sunday Dinner Edition

So because we're in quarantine I've literally been wearing my PJs all day everyday. But also a month before the quarantine I buy a whole new wardrobe. That I can't we're anywhere. today I wanted to look back at an outfit state did for Sunday dinner for you look book. They're all pieces that I … Continue reading LookBook- Sunday Dinner Edition

My Go To Favorite Outfit

When finding an outfit that I love and feel amazing in, I seem to wear it a lot. A lot of you guys on Instagram noticed that and said me to make a Lookbook on it. So here you go! Let's start with my feet and work up to my head. My boots are from … Continue reading My Go To Favorite Outfit

Spring dresses!

Spring is almost over and summer is upon us but that doesn't mean you cannot wear a beautiful spring dress in the summer. Today I want to change my two favorite spring dresses that are always my go-to wear. My first one is this beautiful dress from Forever 21 plus. Is a long floral dress … Continue reading Spring dresses!

Clothes I have in my closet but I never wear!

Hey guys look back. For today’s post, I decided to give you a little tour of my closet. Well, the stuff that I don’t wear that’s in my closet. I don’t have a lot of clothes but I will say I have a lot of stuff that I never wear. And that mostly has to do with the fact that … Continue reading Clothes I have in my closet but I never wear!