June Q and A!!

Hello everyone!!! It’s been a few months since I did a Q&A. So today I decided it’s finally time to do one. So let’s get started shall we! 1. How are you handling quarantine? I am handling it the best I can. It’s been really nice to be at home but it’s been kind of … More June Q and A!!

January Q&A

We are now in 2020! It’s wired but it’s a new month so now like always it’s a new Q&A! If you ever want to see your question on a Q&A you can ask anytime on my Instagram or Twitter (allyvkat) or in the comments of any post. Let’s get started. 1). What do you … More January Q&A

October Q and A!

Happy Wednesday!! For today’s post I wasn’t to do the monthly Q and A! So let’s get started! 1. How do you plan out your blogs? – Kelly M. I do all my writing on the weekends for the upcoming week. So on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, I’ll work on the post for Monday, … More October Q and A!

September Q & A

Hey guys! Happy fun friday!! For today’s post I decided to do a monthly Q and A! So let’s get started! 1. How do you handle writers block? This is a tough one! It all depends on the situation most times I try not to force myself to get a post done because I would … More September Q & A