I’m a girl, you are a girl, we are all girls!!!

download (13)There are days when I will dress up do my hair do my makeup and some heels and a fancy dress but then there are other days when I wear no makeup my hair’s doing whatever it wants to do because I ain’t got time to control it. I’m wearing an oversized t-shirt and some black leggings. I am obsessed with videogames and I am a huge geek I can recite lines from Star Wars and I spend most of my time playing video games. But I also love romantic movies and I love makeup. My favorite color is black and orange because I am in October baby but I also love pastel colors. I love The Addams Family but I will also never turn down a good Disney princess movie. Well besides Frozen. Not a fan of that shit lol. I live in the Florida more specifically Redneck Side of Florida. I’m not scared of mud I know more about cars and trucks than I ever thought I would I will jamdownload (10) out to an old country song and new country music anytime. I will listen to some heavy metal and some Fall Out Boy but then the next song might be a Taylor Swift song. I cuss a lot and I get that from my father. I will eat a whole bunch of food that I know I shouldn’t. There isn’t a one-sided way to describe me and I know there isn’t one for you either. I am who I am and There is a lot of ways to describe me. If I wear a tight dress, show off a little skin, do all the makeup, I don’t do it for a guy I’m doing it for myself because I chose to do that. I want to go out with no makeup and I’m in a giant sweatshirt and leggings that’s my choice and you cannot tell me I can or cannot do that. It took me a while to get to a place in my life where I can make a decision on what I want to wear and not have someone tell me what can or cannot. And I want you guys to understand it’s your choice too. You don’t have to be stereotyped as a girl. You can be whatever you want to be in life. And I know this goes for guys too.

Lets just talk for a minute

So let’s be honest for a second. Today’s post was supposed to be a Grove unboxing but someone stole my package in my mailbox. So Grove is sending me a new one now.(They have been amazing and I love this company!) I was looking through all the post I could write and I’m just I don’t feel like writing any of those right now. A lot has happened in the past week and I kind of just wanted to talk about it with you guys. So let’s get started, shall we?

341610c4e3f7121199d268c5bc643527If you didn’t know my sister is in town from New Mexico. It was a trip that I knew about but it kind of just slipped my mind with everything I had going on. So they came in Tuesday(June 4th) and that night we went over around 9 p.m. to the hotel and we went swimming for a few hours. It was really nice. The next Day I went over to watch my niece Chloe who is 7 and she is beyond sassy and everything I want to be in life lol. We went swimming we played up in the hotel room we had a fun day. The next day my sister dropped off my niece. At my apartment and we hung out here for the whole day. We have a few different playground sets in my apartment complex and every time we would go to one of them it would rain. Which sucks so we went and got some ice cream we build a fort in my laundry_largesister’s room we watch some TV for a little bit. And then that night we are going out to dinner with my grandmother my little sister and everybody because it was my grandmother’s and little sister birthday. The next morning I had stuff to do like grocery shopping a whole bunch of laundry and the stuff that I was able to do for the past few days. Cause I had to take my little sister to a doctor’s appointment so I knew that morning and afternoon I was going to be busy so we planned to do something at night so we went to the pool at the hotel. My sister and her boyfriend went out to dinner while we watched my niece. And we knew it’s a Friday night there’s going to be people out there but there is this group of teenagers who I swear to God I was getting ready to fight them. They kept like talking about us behind our back and they would make noises at us and I would splash I stuff I just can’t stand people like that. Having fun with my niece who of course is going to Splash and play and jump and we do it away from you guys but you keep getting closer so you have a reason to be an ass to us. Other than that the night was really fun.

62306299_382435719084051_8132429843791872000_nNow here comes the fun part guys Saturday night was beyond really fun that I thought in a million years I would never do. I went to an escape room. So I didn’t plan this. I was searching for a good one and we ended up deciding on captive Escape rooms they’re all over the United States the one here in Tampa just opened up about a year ago. I pick the one for 9:30 p.m. so we had time to eat dinner And do whatever we wanted and then go to it. It started to rain cats and dogs here. My anxiety kicks in when I’m driving in the rain so I was freaking out. I was driving on the interstate which made it even more scared but I got us there safe and sound but four minutes late. But they words so nice about it and they understand the rain. And then we got there I was kind of Captivenervous about what’s happening. They reassured me that they weren’t actually going to lock the door and at any point in time if I needed to I can walk out. Ours was a murder mystery scary story. It was in the dark and we had flashlights. It was really fun and we had to solve math problems(which we suck at!) and you went to these different rooms and at the end, We all did really well. I had so much fun and I’m beyond proud of myself for doing it.

download (5)I have such an amazing week with my sister. And I can’t wait for them to actually move down here. But because of all this, I haven’t had time to do much work or anything else. I’ve always put myself into my work and do the stuff that I have to get done and I never have time to do anything I really want to do. But this week really taught me that I really need to focus on myself. It’s okay to go have a fun day and not focus on work for one day. And that is something you really need to do.

I hope you guys enjoy this plan for us let me know in the comments down below did you do anything fun lately? As always, thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post.

I Hate Writers Block

One of the many challenges of being a blogger is getting writers’ block! But with my dyslexia, it makes it 100% harder. I’m always staring at a blank screen hoping something would just happen! I try to form a sentence but it isn’t good enough! I know I’m not the only one with this problem! I felt so defeated when I can’t complete a post or even a paragraph!

writersblocklogo-02.jpgI try to breathe and stay calm. I will try to take a break and try again later. I read some of my favorite blogs to see if anything happens but sometimes I come up with nothing. No post done means no post to upload for you guys. Then I start to panic and my anxiety sets in. I feel like I have to get something done for you guys and I feel like if I don’t get a blog post at now it will just stress me out until I get it done! I need to learn to just relax and take it easy I’ll get done when it gets done and I know you guys will understand!writers-block

But that is ok, this blog is supposed to be fun and if I can’t write a post that day I try my hardest to get it out to you as soon as possible. Sometimes I just need to take a step back and not stress over post! You should do the same if your feeling stressed and overwhelmed! You got this!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Lately, I’ve just been having trouble with writing and wanted to share my story on it, in hopes of helping you guys! As always guys I love you thank you for all you do and I’ll see in the next post!

Storytime – Neighbors From Hell

I have lived in this apartment with my dad and little sister for almost 3 years now. We’ve had problems with getting into this apartment and some of the staff here that has gotten better. But there’s one problem that is still remaining. And that’s the neighbors upstairs and across from me.

downloadThis problem has only gotten worse recently. I don’t really know what it is but it’s just gotten so bad. So above us, there is a family that has three kids. And our Apartments has three floors. The first floor (which I am on) has carpet in the bedrooms. On the second and third floor there is tile in every room. So noises are going to happen. Kids are clumsy they may drop something and it echoes throughout the apartment. I’ve expected that. But this is a whole new level of noise. It’s like someone is just getting a hammer and just beating up the floor. And it doesn’t last for a few minutes It will go on for hours. It’s gotten to the point that we’ve called security multiple times in the past month we called them is 6 times to come check it out. And every time they’ve come to check it out there was always excuses. The last time we call, it was midnight. It was a really loud is continuing for a few hours wasn’t stopping so we ended up calling to see security to see if they can do anything about it. Security went up there and talk to the parents about it and they said they were building Furniture. Bullshit. If you guys don’t know my dog has what the vet calls PTSD from when she was abused because I got her from a Humane Society. So loud noises are like a trigger for her I guess and so sometimes she will have one of her panic attacks because of the noise. And so that’s hard on my dog. And it sounds like I’m being petty and I’m just complaining of some noise but y’all don’t understand how bad it is. I’ve even gone up some in the office to talk to him about it And when they go to talk to the parents, the parents just say kids are being kids. And I hate that so much.

452015120762Another problem we have had and I talked about so far on Instagram and Twitter a lot is there a kid about Middle School age that will throw rocks at windows and bang on doors and run away and leave trash everywhere. I don’t understand what kind of parent will sit there and say that kids are being kids when you clearly know how bad your kid is being that is a bad parenting job. I understand like maybe once a child accidentally say okay to being kids I’ll talk to them this is completely different.  And that’s just how bad it gets.

Clean-up-your-mess-Love-mother-Earth-580x386And the trash is a huge problem. There is trash outside all the time I see some food I’ll find like empty bags of chips on my car there are even just trash bags just out there full of trash that they haven’t walked over to the trash unit. It is so bad. Here at my apartment we only have one like main maintenance guy And sometimes they have like helpers. And I always feel so bad because that one guy is here at 5 a.m. cleaning up trash and still have to do all of his work. I try to pick some trash when I can but it’s just gotten so out of hand. My next door neighbor actually is probably the only good one in this building. She’s super sweet and we talked on the time about just how bad everything is. And I do not blame the apartment. I do not blame the staff are or anything like that. This is on the children and the parents of the children who will not teach their children respect and manners.

That is it for this rant. I’m sorry lately I have just been feeling so mad lately. I realize I’ve been ranting so much lately. I just have a lot going on and just it’s little things are upsetting me now and I’m trying to get control myself again this weekend. Let me know what comes down below is there anything bothering you this week. as always thank you for everything you do guys, I love you guys so much, and I will see you in the next post!!