Drugstore tag

So I did a post like this but a year-and-a-half ago and I decided I think it’s time to update my answers. I am a huge drugstore makeup person. I don’t have a lot of money for makeup and I just love the brands at the drugstore has. So today we’re doing the drugstore makeup tag.

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand?


I have like three favorites. The least expensive one will be wet and wild in elf I didn’t these brands are both amazing quality products and great prices. But I also love Covergirl next kind of more than the price you’re tied for drugstore but still very affordable.

2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?

s-l300My favorite Foundation actually has to go to button wild with her photo Focus Foundation. It’s a foundation that can be a full coverage one or his lights coverage one and it’s a great price. My favorite highlighter will have to go to the Wet n Wild Halo. It’s a natural-looking highlighter and they’re really pretty. And my favorite lip products will actually have to go to the Rimmel Liquid at Walgreens to the day for them and I just bought a whole bunch of there liquid matte lipstick.

3. Least favorite product?

I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite product but I will say if I can find a cheaper version of something that’s better I will usually stick with that.

4. What is the best makeup bargain?

GUEST_7315544c-8862-4b55-b89d-41ebaf069724I’ve tried a lot of different makeup drugstore Brands. And I have to say wet and wild, elf, and this new brand Jordana have amazing stuff for amazing prices. So I wouldn’t be afraid to try any of those out. Especially with their eyeliner. My favorite mascara at the moment is actually one that was $3 and is from the Jordana brand. My favorite eyeshadow palettes the one from Elf which was like $15.00!!!!

5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)

d73ee514c7c285d585619fabad539f0aDoes nail polish count?. Nail polish is expensive, especially that insta dry brand which is my favorite. But hard as nails is quick-drying and much cheaper it’s only $1.99. And they have some amazing colors.

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?

61yTK73y8EL._SY355_Hands down mascara. Mascara is so expensive. My favorite one is the L’Oreal lash Paradise but I just almost $10. Tamales on the lookout for cheaper alternatives and once I work just as well I just don’t understand how mascara can be the most expensive since you something that I’ve run out of the most.

7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!

4149Q1ZEbDL._SY355_Like I said before my favorite mascara is the L’Oreal lash Paradise which is almost $10 I end up finding once in the Jordana brand for only $2.99. I mean it works really well I will say it is a thinner formula so you do need to a few more coats before that price it’s really good.

8. Drugstore product that isn’t worth the hype?

I would have to say a lot of the different foundations for like L’Oreal Rebel and Brands like that. If you’re looking for a really good foundation I highly recommend you wet and wild photo focus Foundation it’s only $5.99 and it works really well. A lot of people have talked to good things about it and I think it works great if you want full coverage or even light coverage. I’ve tried a lot of their foundations and I think that one’s hands down the best. All the others are too overhyped and just not worth it in my opinion.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments down below what is your favorite drugstore makeup products? That’s always guys I’m so happy to be back I missed you guys and I love you guys so much and I’ll see you on the next post.


So I saw this tack a few weeks ago and it looked really fun. So I decided to do it. I wouldn’t call myself a basic white girl but I do have some of the qualities I think so let’s find out she’ll be.

i-like-people-the-way-i-like-my-coffee-i-hate-coff.jpgFavorite Starbucks drink?

Favorite Starbucks drink?I am not one for Starbucks. They’re super overpriced and I don’t like coffee but if I am there I usually go for a drink a cup of water or a frappuccino because they’re just like overpriced milkshakes.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It depends. If I’m going full glam it will take me about 40 minutes at most. But if it was just going grocery shopping I just put on some pants and a T-shirt and brush my hair. I just make sure I plan to have enough time if I’m going to take a while to get ready.

How many Selfies do you take on a daily basis?good-captions-for-profile-pictures-4.jpg

good-captions-for-profile-pictures-4.jpgI hate taking selfies. But I do to them occasionally. I will say if I am taking a selfie I take a whole bunch in hopes of finding a decently good one.

How many IG followers and pics do you have?

I don’t know but you can follow my Instagram @allyvkat where I post a lot behind the scenes of the blog and of my animals.

images (1)Do you ever say “LOL” or “OMG” out loud?

Do you ever say “LOL” or “OMG” out loud?No do people really do that?

Do you wear the same clothing item more than once?

Yes! I ain’t got time to do laundry all the time. Mostly bras because I don’t have a lot and leggings. I know I’m not the only one who does that.

Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr?

I never used Tumblr before and I think I like Instagram more because it’s photo-based and I love taking random pictures of things. But I also love Twitter because you can post live updates on coming to interact is people on there set another timer to give you an actual answer.

john-backus-scientist-quote-much-of-my-work-has-come-from-beingWhat do you spend most of your time doing?

What do you spend most of your time doing?Sleeping, Working, Cleaning, or stressing over everything!

How often do you do your nails?

I always have then Painted but I paint it myself I never get my nails done.

Are you a shopaholic?

Yes, No Maybe… I hate shopping but I love the stuff I get so it’s like a love-hate type thing!

134151-250How many times have you watched Mean Girls?

How many times have you watched Mean Girls?Like 2 times. It’s not my favorite movie. I really don’t care for it. It’s not a bad movie but people make it seem like the best movie ever when it’s not.

Do you own a lot of clothes?

I like I own a lot of flannel and leggings. If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.

Do you take pictures of your food before you eat it?

No, if there is food in front of me I’m eating it. It’s mine.

simple-caption-for-profile-picture-8Do you wear makeup every day?

Do you wear makeup every day?No, I almost never wear makeup. If I’m going it to meet people I sometimes out a little in but only on Sundays (family dinner) I do full makeup.

How do you usually style your hair?

My hair owns me. I let it do whatever it wants because I’m too tired to fight it. Lol. I’ve never been one to style my hair.

download (13)Do you always look presentable?

Do you always look presentable?I like to think I do but let’s be honest, there are days I feel like not wearing makeup, wearing an oversized t-shirt and my leggings. I don’t care if I look presentable! That’s probably why I’m single.

I hope you guys enjoy this fun tag! Let me know in the comments section below if you are a basic white girl or not? Lol! As always thank you for all you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

What is your guilty pleasure..

What is your guilty pleasure…

1. TV Show.

theI really love 911 on Fox in the resident. Does two shows are incredible and I just love them. I highly recommend those two shows. I saw I love Bob’s Burgers. I loved that since day one.

2. Book.51Xnh7t7ppL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_

I will always turn to the Lord of the Rings. It’s one of my favorites plus I owe a lot to it because people said I couldn’t read it because of how big it is it because of my dyslexia but I did it anyway and it’s are my favorite books.

3. Song.

Anything country because I love country music. Or big time rush. Fight me.



220px-B.T.R._(album)4. Band.

Does fall out boy count as a band because big time rush is my favorite band!!

5. Purchases.

Definitely, Post-it notes, notebooks, pens, planners, and stuff like that. I have too many but I keep buying more.

6. Activity.0a1b67171fa7216ec33ebf0511dfe8b8

I love doing a good workout and napping and playing Sims 4. That’s always my go-to thing to do.

7. Habit.

I constantly have to keep moving my hands. Like I have to play with me in my hands and. Whether being a ring I’m wearing a necklace I’m wearing a pen in my hand doesn’t matter but I’m constantly doing that.

8. Movie.

I love the Star Wars movies. TBS it’s always playing them on the weekends I’m always watching it. Love them all. But I haven’t seen any of the new ones, to be honest, the older ones have my heart.

download9. Game on your phone.

Minecraft Pocket Edition. I don’t play this game since I was a freshman in high school. Me and my friends and FFA we will go to the corner of the farm and just play Minecraft together. And I still played to this very day.

10. Website.

WordPress.com. I work a lot on it I’m always working and because of it, I’m able to have an amazing blog for you guys.

I hope you guys enjoy this blog post. Let me know in the comments down below what is a guilty pleasure of yours? As always guys thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

Get To Know Me Part 2

Are you ready to learn more about me?!?! Yes, good let’s get started!! (You can see part 1 here!)

download (11)1. Tell us one of your bad habits!

I am the wost of keeping my feelings to myself. When I’m mad or upset I don’t tell anymore, I just say I’m fine and that’s not good! 

2. 3 things that upset you?

  1. When you say something then do something different. 
  2. When someone talks shit about me to my face
  3. When you think there are leftovers and someone ate it.

3. 3 things that make you happy?

  1. Family and friends
  2. My blog/ you guys! 
  3. Me, Myself and I! 

4. What’s on your mind?download (12)

A lot. I didn’t sleep last night. there is still a hole in the wall of my bathroom. To much stuff to do today but too tired! But I’m happy and trying to stay stress-free! 

5. One word that describes you?

Hot mess! I know that’s 2 but its true! 

6. What is your favorite quote?download (9)

My sister is both my mirror and my opposite! 

7. Are you left or right handed?

I’m right-handed. My dad is left so when I was little I would try to write with my life hand!

8. Do you consider yourself a good cook?

I hope so. I am the cook of the family and I love it! But I know I’m not at top star chef! 

download (10).jpg9. What’s your favorite thing to have for breakfast?

I’m not a breakfast eater! I love breakfast food but I never really eat at breakfast time! But you can ever go wrong with pancakes! 

10. Where would you love to live?

I would love to live on a farm! I want cows and goats and ducks and everything! That’s my dream! 

11. Favorite horror movie?download (14).jpg

The original Nightmare on Elms Street! 

12. What do you love about yourself?

I love how I can find happiness in something small. I love that I don’t need much to be happy. I love my body!



I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments down below, What is a fun fact about you? As always  I love you guys so much, thank you for everything, and I’ll see you in the next post!