Thanksgiving Tag

Thanksgiving is literally a day away. So today I decided to do a Thanksgiving tag. So let’s just get started! 1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? My grandmother’s homemade mashed potatoes!!! They are the best and she always makes a lot so I have a ton of leftovers for days! 2. What is … More Thanksgiving Tag

The Chat November

Welcome everyone to the first The Chat!!! If you don’t know what this is it is where I will rant to you about how my month was and then in the comments down below you tell me the good and bad about your month. It is a giant conversation with everybody in the place where … More The Chat November

November Breakdown

It’s almost December guys. With November ending that means it’s time for another break down so let’s get started. November was a pretty good month. A little stress here and there but it wasn’t bad overall. Thanksgiving was amazing did a blog post on that you can read about it here. And that was amazing … More November Breakdown